Exploring the Differences Between Deep and Standard Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of all areas of your home, including those often neglected or forgotten. This type of cleaning is usually done less often than regular cleaning and may require special equipment or cleaning products. You only need to do deep cleanings, which remove slow-building dirt and grime, a few times a year.

On the other hand, regular cleanings are the key to maintaining a clean house. Doing them helps ensure you and your family enjoy a fresh living space at all times.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

A deep clean is more elaborate than your regular week-to-week cleaning routine. This chore involves getting into all the nooks and crannies and cleaning things you normally wouldn’t think to clean.

Common tasks involved in deep cleaning include:

  • Cleaning the oven
  • Dusting furniture pieces
  • Removing soap scum
  • Scrubbing grout and tiles
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Washing doors and windows
  • Wiping appliances

What Is Standard Cleaning?

Standard cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors; cleaning surfaces like countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets; and cleaning bathrooms. Some people also have tasks like decluttering and organizing closets, drawers, and cabinets as part of their regular cleaning routine.

If you have a larger home, you may need to add additional tasks to your list, like cleaning the inside of your oven or washing windows. Assuming you have no roommates or family members to help with the cleaning, once a week is a good general rule of thumb for most people. This gives you enough time to tidy up and do a deeper cleaning of crucial areas without letting dirt and dust accumulate too much.

This is the most basic level of housekeeping service that is typically hired on an ongoing basis. As mentioned, standard cleaning includes tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom.

Some responsibilities of a standard cleaner involve:

  • Dusting
  • Fixing the bed
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Taking out the trash
  • Vacuuming

Choosing Between the Two

Cleaning one’s home on a regular basis is essential to keep it looking its best, but there are times when a standard cleaning just won’t cut it. This is where deep cleaning comes in. Deep cleaning is a complete form of cleaning that is done less often than regular cleaning but is necessary to maintain the condition of your home.

A deep clean usually takes longer, and if you hire a professional, it will cost more. You don’t need to do a deep clean as often as standard cleaning, though. As mentioned, two or three times a year is ideal, but many people only manage to do it once a year.

Performing a standard cleaning weekly or biweekly is the best way to keep your home clean, sanitary, and presentable to guests. It is a less time-consuming and demanding process than deep cleaning.

How often should your home be cleaned? This is a question you should ask any potential house cleaning company. A good company will be able to give you a range of options that work with your budget.


There are a few critical differences between deep and standard cleaning. Standard cleaning is generally just surface-level cleaning, whereas deep cleaning is a more focused cleaning that gets rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over time.

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