Cleaning Tips—Top Expert Cleaning Techniques You Must Know

Are you looking for professional cleaning tips to make your home look its best? Cleaning can quickly become overwhelming, and it can be challenging to determine which techniques are most effective. It’s time to discover the secrets of the cleaning pros and get your home spotless.

Read a thorough guide for several insider cleaning hints that only experts know. If you don’t have time to clean, you can always seek a maid service in Denver!

Junk Within the Junk

Do you find the smell in your house to be unpleasant? Even hours after throwing out last night’s food, your home still smells like it. How is even that possible?

The garbage likely can still have an odor buildup and a potential leak in the trash bag. It would help if you cleaned it thoroughly to eliminate the smell.

Use a toilet bowl scrubber and a 3 to 1 mixture of water and dish soap. The smell won’t linger for too long!

Gradual Pull-Push Technique

Do you recall hearing the proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”? If so, you should know that the saying also applies when cleaning your home, particularly how you maneuver your carpet steamers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

If you take your time when vacuuming, your technique will significantly improve. It provides ample time for your vacuum to finish the job, including gathering all the dust, debris, and allergens securely embedded deep into the carpet fibers.

You probably should purchase a new vacuum while we’re on the subject. There are numerous signs that a new vacuum is needed, such as:

As you move the vacuum through the floor, it picks up very little debris, and once it is turned on, it immediately overheats. Your vacuum line is constantly becoming obstructed.

Stainless Steel Surprise

An appliance made of stainless steel is a beautiful addition to any home. Particularly in the kitchen, it simplifies the space and modernizes the entire aesthetic. One of its main drawbacks is the number of detectable fingerprints on stainless steel.

It could seem like there is a constant struggle. Even after adequately wiping the surface, fingerprints from when you held it will still exist. Most housekeepers employ olive oil as a last-minute cure to get rid of those fingerprints and give it a sleek gloss, which may sound unbelievable. Apply a small amount, let it dry, and then continue.

Sweep, Vacuum, and Scrub

When asked about their preferred floor cleaning sequence, any reputable house cleaning service would respond the same way: sweep, vacuum, then clean! We refer to it as “SVS” throughout the company.

Our maid services prioritize this order for our deep cleaning. We’ll start by sweeping up any glass or other larger objects that the vacuum can’t pick up if the floor is hard. The vacuum is then gently used to clean the open area, corners, and difficult-to-reach crevices.

After that, we will begin cleaning the floors to ensure they are clean and sanitized with a hard-bristle and soft-bristle brush.

The fact that we employ this technique on all surfaces, not just floors, is the biggest housekeeping secret of them all. This covers the furnishings, counters, showers, and bathtubs.

Only clean other surfaces with a soft-bristle brush. If a hard-bristle meeting is used, scratches could be left on countertops.

Every time, vacuuming should come first. Despite appearances, the surface is not entirely devoid of any material. You will inevitably come across dirt, hair, or dust that reduces the efficiency of your cleaning efforts.

Hire Cleaning Services 

When you hire a reputable house cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the time and effort needed to clean your home or place of business. Professional cleaners can do the job quickly and efficiently, leaving your space looking and smelling great. Professional cleaners also use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This means your space will be free from dirt, dust, and germs.


Hiring cleaning services is a great way to keep your home or office space clean and organized. It is an easy and economical approach to keeping things clean and of high quality. Additionally, it can save you time and energy as you won’t have to do the cleaning yourself. Professional cleaning services have many benefits, including access to experienced cleaners, specialized cleaning products, and advanced cleaning tools.

In the Denver Metro Area, Chosen Maids offers professional house cleaning services. Use our online booking tool to arrange a cleaning. Book now!