5 Important Features of a Quality House Cleaning Service

According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), the average American adult spends just 6 hours per week cleaning their home. There’s no surprise there, as technology has progressed and people have gotten busier these days. 

Between working full-time jobs, caring for children and pets, and finding time to relax, many families put house cleaning on the back burner.

If this is your case, it may be time to think about hiring a professional house cleaning service. Instead of spending your extra time dusting and mopping, you may spend time doing other activities you genuinely enjoy.

Before you phone in a cleaning service,there are several things to think about. Here are five things to look for in a quality house cleaning service:

1. Make Sure the Cleaning Company Has a Good Reputation

When looking for a quality house cleaning service, one of the best ways to find out if they’re any good is to read reviews from past customers. This will give you an idea of what to expect regarding quality and service.

Begin your search by getting recommendations from family and friends. Reviews and testimonials are the next best things to personal recommendations. Check for trustworthiness, professionalism, punctuality, availability, work ethic, and expertise. While no cleaning service is perfect, you should observe a broad pattern of favorable feedback. 

2. The Company Should Offer a Broad Range of Services

Whether you need a deep clean every now and then or a weekly touch-up, it’s best to select a company that provides a wide range of house cleaning services. It is ideal for working with the same company that can easily adjust to your cleaning needs. 

A comprehensive service outline makes it easy to ensure that the cleaning professional you hire meets their responsibilities and that you receive your money’s worth. It also helps to work with a company that guarantees customer satisfaction and will provide additional services or reimbursement if necessary.

3. Convenient Appointment Setting and Detailed Guidelines

Before signing contracts, a consultation is an excellent place to start to get a feel of the price. From there, scheduling should be simple to set up and manage.

Ensure you understand the company’s cancellation, rescheduling, and requesting additional services policies. They should have extremely clear and easy-to-read policies that will assist you in avoiding unnecessary fees. They will also respect your time as much as you respect theirs.

4. Reasonable Prices

A quality house cleaning service should offer a fair price for the quality of work you can expect. Remember that inexpensive does not always imply “the cheapest option.”

When something appears far too good to be true, it usually is! On the other hand, a reputable cleaning company will recognize budget constraints and work hard with business owners to establish a strategy and schedule that works within their specific budget.

5. Experienced and Professional

And, of course, a good cleaning company should provide quality cleaning service. It must meet or surpass your expectations and provide a guarantee for underperformance based on your contract.

They should provide trained cleaning technicians who will be able to maintain the same level of quality every time.


When entrusting your precious home to a cleaning company, hire only the most reputable service providers. Remember that it’s not just about the cleaning but about being able to trust them as they enter your home and service your family’s cleaning needs. 

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